What our Team Members are saying


Tarryn Garlington

IFBB Figure Pro

2019 IFBB Arnold Australia Top 3

2019 IFBB Toronto Pro Winner

2019 IFBB Olympia 7th Place

“I began my journey with Team UM in October 2018 after conducting extensive research into several prep coaches, those of which I considered top tier coaches across the industry.  I researched current and past athletes for each coach and even conducted "interviews" of some of the athletes to help me make the best and most informed decision.  I had been under the direction of my previous coach since I began competing as an amateur athlete, from Fall 2014 to Spring 2018, so switching to a new coach was a HUGE decision for me.  I decided to entrust Dave with my fitness journey based on the glowing reviews that I received from his athletes, our one-on-one conversation discussing his coaching methodology, and the sheer results that he's been able to produce.  No one could EVER say that a Team UM athlete showed up on stage less than ready, and I have been no exception since stepping on stage under his guidance.  I was doing fairly well on the IFBB Pro stage prior to joining Team UM, but I reached a point in my competitive career where I knew that a change was necessary in order to take me to the next level.  In our first year working together, we have accomplished so much!  My progression under his guidance has surpassed my expectations by leaps and bounds.  I gained good quality muscle, a wonderful coach and mentor in Dave, and most importantly, I gained a family of like-minded SUPER SUPPORTIVE athletes that push each other to chase their dreams.  I'm so much better because of all of them!”
-Tarryn Garlington, IFBB Figure Pro 


Sarah Vogt

IFBB Figure Pro 

2019 NPC Jr. Nationals Runner-Up

2019 NPC USA Runner-up

I have been competing for seven years. I’ve gone to 6 NPC National shows over 4 years and all but one I received top 5 placings. Before Dave and Team UM my preps were miserable with hours of cardio a day, weeks without carbs, and terrible communication with my coach. My first year with Dave, he completely changed my life. Not only did I not have a day without carbs, but the week before I earned my Pro Card, I was eating the same amount as the start of prep. I felt incredible, looked incredible, could still lift heavy. My first year with Team Underrated Muscle and we locked up my pro card and was healthier than ever.

The team is a family. We support, help, and love each other. Finally found my forever team and the results speak for themselves.

-Sarah Vogt


Stacy Fujarski

IFBB Figure Pro

2017 NPC Jr. Nationals Class Winner

5x IFBB Top 5 Finisher

Stacy, 31, is a graduate of Missouri State University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She currently resides in St. Louis, MO where she works in Finance as a Payroll Specialist at Continental Cement Company. While growing up, Stacy played soccer from kindergarten through high school. She was always active and conscious of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She learned to really

love working out when she went away to college and joined a gym. Although health and fitness were a big part of her life, she never had any interest in competing. It wasn’t until 2015, after a great amount of convincing from her boyfriend, that she decided she would give it a try. She entered a local show at 2 weeks outs and placed 1st in Bikini and won the overall title. After being on stage, she immediately fell in love

with the sport. In 2016 she made the switch to the Figure division along with joining Underrated Muscle. After one year and four National shows, she earned her IFBB Pro Card at Jr. Nationals 2017. She now has competed 12 IFBB shows with five top 5 finishes and six top 10

finishes. She is ready to keep working in 2020 for her 3rd season in the IFBB division!.

-Stacy Fujarski


Kelsey Mims

IFBB Figure Pro

2019 NPC Upstate Classic Overall Winner

2019 NPC Jr. Nationals Class Winner

“Dave and my Underrated Muscle Family have been a tremendous blessing to me! Dave’s passion for the sport combined with his knowledge, structure, and attention to detail have helped me transform by body and achieve goals that seemed like unattainable dreams prior to joining the team!” 

-Kelsey Mims


Rachael Tenk

NPC Figure Athlete 

3x Top 5 FInisher

I absolutely cannot say enough good things about Dave and Team UM! He was very up front and honest with me during my phone interview with his coaching and meal style so there were no surprises.

Having been bigger to begin with (originally 300lbs), as well as being ‘thicker’ when I started with Dave, I thought the man was crazy when he told me his goal for stage weight. However, I followed the plan and we executed it to a T. He began with a lean bulk to build muscle and drop fat, down to daily check-ins of peak week and I brought my BEST package to the stage this last year with Dave, Team UM, and quality supplements from 1stPhorm.

I cannot wait to continue working with Dave and see what the future holds! He has been a godsend!
-Rachael Tenk 


Tricia Mowatt

NPC Figure Athlete 

2019 NPC Emerald Cup Overall Winner

2019 NPC Nationals Top 3

I started with Dave and Underrated Muscle October 2018.  I had competed two times before.  Dave put me on a lean bulk from October to Jan to revamp my metabolism as it had crashed from being with previous coaches.  January we started my cut for emerald cup 2019.  Dave was different from my previous coaches, he was and is detailed, setting goals for me each week to hit.  He was hard on me making me push to limits I didn’t know I could get to.  I stepped on stage at emerald cup the best I had ever looked and won figure overall.  I can’t explain this feeling and the amount of gratitude I had for Dave and the team.  I FINALLY found someone who understood my body and what I could do in the sport.   We then went to Vanpro nationals against what Dave wanted me to do as it was paid for with winning emerald cup.  I didn’t place top 5.   I also didn’t listen to Dave.  I stepped back, we conversed and decided to do NPC nationals in Florida in November 2019.  I placed 3rd and only one placement away from my pro card.  I also was 12lbs lighter than emerald cup.  The difference is I listened, followed the plan and executed it.   I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am for 2020.  Dave cares about each and every one of his athletes.   He makes sure I am healthy and my body is functioning optimally so I get the benefits I deserve with working hard.  He is always available to answer questions, make adjustments so that I can be the best I can be.  This is not just a team.  We are family.  We support each other through all the wins and pick each other up after a loss.  We learn and we become more motivated and determined.  We are all on a mission to succeed, and we will with each other. 

-Tricia Mowatt


Jesica Abraguin

NPC Figure Athlete

2019 NPC Iron Games Overall Winner

I have worked with Dave for the past three years and have truly loved every minute!! I have never experienced such measurable results with another team or coach as I have experienced with Dave. Today I am the biggest, the strongest, and the healthiest I have ever been. Dave is the first coach to provide me with both on and off-season meal plans, and I love them! I am so happy he went the extra mile – it was exactly what I needed to become successful and finally win overall figure champion, something I’ve worked toward for years.  Dave’s program holds me fully accountable and he is always available and responsive to my questions and concerns. I have worked with previous coaches, who’s insufficient meal prep guidance lead to an unhealthy obsession with food. These practices created a negative competitive stage experience. Team Underrated Muscle is super positive! I have made friends all over the country and it has been amazing to watch each of us grow and become pro! Dave knows his SHIT!! From my experience, he is the best at what he does, and I’m not going anywhere else! I highly recommend Dave and his Underrated Muscle team to anyone who really wants to change and compete! 

-Jesica Abraguin


Tera Moore

NPC Bikini/Figure Athlete 

I started my journey with Underrated Muscle on July 1st, 2019, After a year and a half of gym life with a Coach and my first and only  2 competitions,  I had weight gain and was feeling like I was starving to death daily and had no help with my reversal dieting... I was a mess. I wanted to throw in the towel and give up. I knew if I wanted to be a competitive athlete, I had to make a change from where I currently was to get to another level and be taught the skills to do so. I did my research for about 6 months and it seemed every Athlete I was blown away with by their physique and/or positivity led straight back to Dave with Team UM. I thought I'm not good enough to be on his team, what if he doesn't want to coach someone like me... I was skeptical of the unexpected. I ended up in conversation with Stacey with team UM and she was the light that glowed for Team UM, she spoke highly of Dave and was so encouraging. I got up enough low self-confidence courage and reached out to Dave by e-mail, the next thing I knew he had responded back and we set up a phone consult.

After a hour long phone consult, I left the call with such motivation, inspiration AND TOTAL EXCITEMENT. Dave was so real and honest and I could tell he was so educated in what he was talking about. He did not sugar coat anything and was so Raw, it was exactly what I was looking for and needed and was the perfect timing. I did not want to throw in the towel, I had dreams and goals I wanted to reach and that is exactly what we did in about 5 months time!  I am so thankful I decided to join Team UM, we are a team and we support each-other and want to see each-other excel in this sport.  Dave has been a God send to me, I was truly fixing to stop something I so desperately wanted and dreamed about....COMPETING! (But,  had no idea on how to achieve it and needed the right guidance.)  I eat plenty and my work-outs are so structured and detailed. Dave has brought me hope and Team UM has brought me hope. Age is only a number and with the right Coach and Team you can accomplish anything. I am so excited to see what we can achieve together in 2020! 

-Tera Moore


Gina Greco

NPC FigureAthlete 

2019 North America Runner-up

I started working with Dave in Dec. 2018 after recovering from a Posterior cervical discectomy.

In Aug. 2018 I was prepping for North Americans (NA), shortly after achieving a top 3 placing at Masters Nationals. Fourteen days before NA, I woke up in the most excruciating pain ever. I was experiencing a painful burning sensation and spasms to my left lat, as well as my tricep muscle. Three days later, after an MRI, it was discovered that the herniated disc, which I had for over the past 6 years at C6-C7, had weakened causing more protrusion and moderate spinal stenosis. This was causing pressure against the spinal cord/nerves, ultimately leading to loss of sensation/numbness to my fingers in my left hand. What should have been peak week for me, it ended up being the week I had neck surgery.

Once cleared and recovered, I turned to Dave to help me reach my goal at a come back. I needed to regain strength and improve my physique after 10 weeks out of the gym. Dave was immediately up for the challenge and determined to do what he could towards the road of a come back.

Exactly 1 year after my discectomy, not only did Dave help me improve my physique, we achieved my goals towards a come back and a near miss for that Procard! I stepped on stage at North Americans for the very first time, achieving a 2nd place win!!

Thank you Dave for believing in me, not letting me give up, and for helping me achieve my goals. I have recently recovered from bilateral carpal tunnel release surgery and ready for a repeat come back! 

-Gina Greco


Katlin Wright

NPC Figure Athlete 

2019 NPC Victory Classic Class Winner

I began competing in 2018 and gained a significant amount of weight post show. I joined Team UM January 1, 2019 at my highest weight ever.. 160lbs! Year 2 of competing (and my first year with Dave) was completely different for me in every possible way.. completely different foods, training splits, cardio. Everything that could be different, was different.. and the results showed! I was 7lbs lighter on the stage in 2019 and infinitely more confident. I've stuck to an awesome off season menu and I'm sure the results will show even more in 2020. I am so thankful to have such an incredible coach/mentor and my entire UM FAMILY! ------ 2020.. HERE WE COME!  

-Katlin Wright


Stephanie Garcia

NPC Figure Athlete 

I recently joined Team UM and so far I love it. Dave is really detailed when it comes to the meal plans and what has to be done. He responds to any questions and/or concerns fairly quick, and is 100% honest about everything, no sugarcoating. There is no second guessing his work since he has previous wins to prove it. I am very happy that I made the decision to join Team UM and confident that Dave can make anybody a winner, as long as the plans are followed 100%.

-Stephanie Garcia


Tara Beishuizen

NPC Figure Athlete

2019 NPC USA Top 5 Finisher

I’ve been competing for 3 1/2 years.  I started with Dave in November of 2018 and it has been life changing! Dave transformed my body in ways I never thought could happen! My legs have always been an area I need to work on and still are, but they’ve come a long way since being on his plan!! Ive also grown on top! Since working with Dave, we moved me up 6 spots at my last national show putting me to not only top 5, but so close to my pro card! The fire is lit inside me and it’s only going to get better! Team UM has been the best decision I’ve ever made and I’m grateful for Dave’s guidance and lucky to be part of such an amazing, supportive team!!! I’ve never seen anything like it. Here’s to 2020! Let’s get it! 💪🏼 

-Tara Beishuizen


Ruby Nicholson

NPC Figure Athlete 

2019 Texas Cup Class Winner

I came to Dave in June of 2019 after my first show completely burnt out and dissatisfied with results from my previous coach. Dave set up a phone consult right away, texted me a reminder the day of and a reminder 15 minutes prior to. We jumped on the phone and he talked through his protocol and the type of plan he would put me on to gain size and compete in a show later in the year. I signed up and the rest is history. He has been a great communicator from the start...this has never ceased. If he says, he does. In 2 1/2 months I was able to put on about 5 lbs of muscle, I also continued to grow for at least my first 9 weeks of prep and stepped on stage a solid 6 lbs heavier, but also leaner than my previous show earlier in the year. I won my class and I have been completely blown away by not only my results, but Dave’s level of professionalism. He is passionate about what he does and wants the best for us all....he even helped me secure my very first sponsorship after only 7 months of joining the team (I Am 1st Phorm)! Team UM is truly a family and he has me for life! 

-Ruby Nicholson