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At 1st Phorm we don’t just make products, we use them. From our customer service reps to our warehouse manager, everyone is committed to bettering our bodies and leading healthier lives through the use of 1st Phorm supplements. So, don’t be surprised if you find us out at one of the local gyms with a protein shaker full of Phormula-1 and sweat pouring down our face.


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For over 30 years Pro Tan® has been the Number One selling Competition Tanning product in the World for a reason. Time and time again our products deliver the most reliable and natural looking tan for Bodybuilders, Fitness Athletes, Bikini Models and everyone in between. It is this trust that allows Pro Tan® to continue its success while assuring you the highest quality skin care and tanning formulas designed to help make you #1.



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From the makers of Pro Tan®, our team has been in the fitness industry for 30+ years. Founded by Stacy and Rob Kaufman, the Father-Son duo works together on a daily basis to continually develop and improve the SteelFit® line.

Both Stacy and Rob, along with the entire SteelFit® team are truly passionate about the products that they develop — high-quality ingredients and effectiveness are of extreme importance.

SteelFit® is more than a skin fitness and sports nutrition company, it’s a family. We appreciate you putting the trust in our family to continue to innovate and engineer the highest quality products to help you achieve your goals!


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Squeez Me Skinny is the first of its kind to offer hands-on advice in getting you fitted for your perfect waist trainer. We take pride in our customer service. As a promise to our customers Squeez Me Skinny offers one-on-one consulting service that includes individualized personal attention. We know beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes that’s why we are committed to serving you. Offering a variety of different body contouring items such as our latex and sport trainers.